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Hallo, my name is Ivana Martinkova, I am from Prague, Czech republic, and I live in Italy. In my website I would like to give some piece of advice to those men who would like to meet Czech girls, for friendship, a relation or marriage.

I have decided to tell foreign men about my experiences in order to let them know about my country, the magic of Prague, the culture of Czech girls, our dreams and, why not, even to unveil some of our secrets, besides dispelling some legends about eastern european women. If you are interested in meeting eastern european girls or marrying an eastern european woman, especially from the Czech Republic, perhaps these pages might be of some help, especially by visiting my LINKS.


Beware! This website is not a dating agency for flirting or meeting girls. Nor it is a wedding agency, where you can automatically find eastern european girls to marry. Nor does this imply that Czech women are easy.

Moreover, this website is absolutely free. I only wish to exchange ideas and advise those foreigners interested to larn more about eastern european girls and Czech girls in particular.

Feel free to visit my BLOG! if you wish to exchange opinions among yourselves, or else do not hesitate to write to my personal E-MAIL. It is also possible to subscribe to my NEWSLETTER, for a constant update and news about Prague and Czech girls.

You should know that czech girls are often fascinated by foreigners, and it is not a coincidence that many among my friends have foreign boyfriends or husbands. At the same time, most foreigners who visited Prague or elswhere in the Czech Republic have come back totally fascinated by the large deal of charming, seducing girls walking to do shopping or gathering in typical pubs or restaurants.

When we talk about bohemien spirit, we also talk about art of seduction. If you wish to discover it in these pages, do not linger: read on.


Ivanka Martinkova
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