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In this page I would like to talk in general about the girls from the Czech Republic, premitting a direct experience in that country is often more valuable than many descriptions. Those who have visited Prague or the Czech Republic are well aware of how beautiful and charming Czech girls can be. My husband's friends and other men I know are really amazed at the sight of Czech girls, especially considering how many there are. In fact, the most surprising thing is the average high level of beauties populationg the territories of former Czechoslovakia. If you are interested in a relation with an eastern European girl here you will find some advice about where to start.


Our culture

In general Czech people have good education, both in high school and university. For us it is quite normal, since our childhood, to take care of or studies, sports, la dance, reading, drama, many things contributing to make us people as much complete as possible. A lot about Czech culture in general (and much about czech girls) can be understood by means of our literature. Authors very different from each other, such as Kundera, Kafka, Hrabal, Klima, Capek, are just some of the excellent readings to enter magical atmospheres and maybe find some reasons to visit the Czech Republic, or even just to dream about it.



In the Czech Republic family has an important role, but men and women are, in the average, more independent that many mediterranean countries, where people, unfortunately, are pretty much depending on their families, often also for economical reasons. In our country women are very willing to work at home, but they also have very powerful character. Part of our charme also depends on our loyal and proud spirit. Czech society has more of a mathriarcal feature compared to other mediterranean societies. This thing can often be seen as a limitation in the relation between the two cultures; sometimes it certainly is an element of curiosity for both czech girls and foreign men.



Many men ask: why are Czech women so beautiful? The game of seduction before marriage is, for Czech girls, a nice way tot est themselves, or even just a way to have fun. In our culture it is absolutely normal to flirt with the man we like, or to take the initiative in a disco, or in any other situation. Unlike other countries, it dseems to me that we are somehow more free to live our femininity, whereas in Italy, where I live,, mostly due to a certain gossip culture, very attractive Italian girls are always blocked, victims of their own sense of guilt, fearing other people's judgement about them.



Like for seduction, sex is one of the things Czech girls are most proud of. It is a form of art for us, something to cultivate without fear or any false sense of shame. In Italy sex is usually shown on tv and everybody keeps talking about it. In our country you do not see half naked girls on television, who are otherwhise omnipresent on Italian tv. We do sex in abundance but without broadcasting about it. No one is judging us for the way we are, whereas in other countries people live in the constant fear of being judged.


Beauty and charm

I would not like to be misunderstood, I have several Italian girlfriends, they well know what I eman when I say that in Italy there are many beautiful girls, but only very few of them are really charming. In Italy many girls think that wearing fashionable clothes is enough to be beautiful. I am sorry, but charm is something else; it begins with looks, poise, smiling, a whole way to see life, remember: fascination knows no sense of sin. In this respect, if Czech girls want to be charming they know how to do it.


Did you now that...?

Did you know that:

- Czech top model Petra Němcová was on the front cover of the 2003 issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. She was not the first Czech girl to be selected for this role. Both Paulina Porizkova (1984 and 1985) and Daniela Peštová (2000 and 2003) have already appeared on that cover. Pictures and more on SI.com Swimsuit.

- Ivana Trump, ex wife of the famous American Donald Trump is Czech and she was born in Gottwaldov (now Zlín) in the Czech Republic.

- According to the Guinness of Records the longest legs belong to a Czech swimmer, named Yvetta Hlaváčová, 126 cm.



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