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What follow are just some of the myths about Czech girls and eastern European girls. This area will be constantly updated.


Is it true that Czech girls are just attracted to money?

Is it true that it is easy to find available Czech girls?

Is it true that Czech girls are very patient?

Is it true that girls from former Czechoslovakia are so beautiful?

Is it true that they are incredibly charming?

Do Czech girls seek foreign men in order to leave their own country?

Is it easy on New Year's Day to seduce Czech girls in Prague?

Are Czech girls like Polish, Russian, Romanian girls?


1- Do they just look for the money?

Everybody loves money. In any country it is possible for a man to meet girls who just seek money. It also depends on the manner a man choses to present himself: if he thinks to buy a czech girl, or just any girl, he will find himself badly exploited! As they say in Italy, you collect what you have sown!


2- Are they available?

A clarification is needed here: available for flirting, seduction, love, or sex? If you pay, lgirls are usually available everywhere, at least those who do that for a job. Certainly in Prague and in the Czech Republic women are very open towards meeting men, especially foreigners, ias they are very much charmed by other cultures and ways of life. But one should not expect easy game!


3- Are they patient?

Czech and Slovak girls are usually very open, have sense of humour and are very tolerant. They are helpful people, but if you betray them be aware that you will have them as your enemies forever! Hence, watch out and do not deceive them: or else you will risk to spoil your reputation by taking advantage of their patience (they are women, after all!).


4- Are they beautiful?

All foreigners who visited the Czech Republic agree: Czech girls are generally very beautiful, have regular traits, big breasts and thin waists. It mostly has to do with genetics, and it is typical of eastern european girls in general. Whether they are actually more beautiful then other girls, it is just a matter of taste. However, most highly paid models come from this country of just ten millions people. Think of Eva Herzigova, Adriana Sklenarikova, Alena Seredova, just to name a few.


5- Aren't they charming?

I woud say it is false. That's exactly the point: many men find that Czech girls, unlike other countries' girls, are not afraid to show their sensuality: thus I say, sure they are charming! They can dress, dance, walk, I mean, the game of seduction in Prague is everlasting.... You should visit to believe!


6- Do they wish to leave?

You would be surprised to find out how many Czech girls have foreign men. But most girls are just fine with the men from their country, therefore beware: do not think you are, especially in the twenty-first century, something new for Bohemian girls. In fact, if that was true twenty years ago, that Czech girls would jump into the arms of the first arrived, nowadays it is no longer so. Czech girls are in the position to have their jobs, their careers and, if they leave their country, it usually is for true love, not for the money. Remember: part of their beauty is in their pride!


7- A seduction New Year's Eve?

The most amusing thing I experience every year is to watch the great amount' of Italian men who rush to Prague in large groups on New Year's Eve, with the evident intention to find some available girl. I would like to tell these people: the place is right, Prague is something magical but...it is the year time that is wrong! All Czeh girls and men usually leave the city on New Year's Eve, in order to reach their countryside houses. The result is that Old Town's Square gets just filled with foreigners meeting up to celebrate at midnight! Conslusions: do enjoy your NYE in Prague but, if you wish to meet Czech girls, you'd better wait for Spring!


8- Are they like Romanian, Polish, or Russian girls?

Yes and no. I elaborate: from a beauty-related perspective,Czech girls are comparable, if not superior, to all other eastern european beauties: slovaks, russians, hungarians, baltics, ukranians, romanians, bulgarians, that is, all those women generally share quite similar features: they are tall, have long legs, thin waists and big breasts. Tehy may have lighter or darker complexion, and hair colour may vary, but their faces are easily recognizable: big eyes, high cheeks, delicate and regular face features. In that respect, from an aesthetic point of view, eastern European women are very much alike. Of course it is a matter of personal taste to decide about other elements, including character and culture.


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